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Why should I?

By on May 17, 2016


So many whys than how(s)

They said this paper is my ticket,
My ticket from poverty,
A hallway to victory;
An expressway to Canaan-
the land of manna, flowing with milk and honey

They say this vote:
This vote is my arsenal, shield and sword,
The magic key to the wonderland on my backyard
The wonderland with no power surges,
Or dry taps adorned with cobwebs
But a land of smooth tarmacs,
Functional street surveillance cameras,
lazy sunsets,
lush streets,
A dazzling green everywhere-
Paradise reinvention my brother

They also say this vote is power,
Power to wade away evils spirits-
Demons shrouding our houses-
I mean:
the power to keep away the monkeys
that cause havoc on the plantains,
The power to change,
The power to clean the streets,
to dump the garbage,
and paint the streets fresh
With happy colors,
and of course, smoke the street urchins to oblivion

They said we should go in numbers and vote,
Not just vote…
Vote for our person; our very own
A lamb without blemish-
So that we can maintain the lineage,
the history, the trail and dust
They said it is the right thing to do- even God approves it

But here we are,
10 steps forward,
30 steps backward,
Our motherland land is parched,
Wells of good-will have run dry,
Thoughts of better days have turned to mirage
we run to clean the streets with our blood,
pelt stones and stop live bullets
Souls donning thread smiles lumber around mumbling,
Engulfed in eerie calmness-
Some sort of a slack tide
Heavy cumulus cloud hanging loose,
Not clouds really, but tear gas…
A pre-workout for some serious pounding

Life is being supped from every mortal,
Right, center and left,
The heart monitor beeps slowly,
Like something evil is about to happen,
It is inevitable we are running out of life
And the land watchers standby doing nothing
Daring the vultures to descend,
Urging us to die quick-
Plenty of alibis fort the next talk show

so you tell me to vote?
Fuck that,
Fuck the vote,
Fuck the idea,
Why should I vote?
For what cause,
You said change? Screw that!
I am tired of the hoodwinks,
Sideshows and drama
This right here is nothing but a fizzle,
A blurred image,
A broken mirror
That needs no fixing anymore


June 22, 2016