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Open Seas

By on June 22, 2016
You will never know how strong you are if you don't venture out there, beyond the horizon.

You will never know how strong you are if you don’t venture out there, beyond the horizon.

We find love in the oddest of places.
At times it is offered in a crucible
or balanced on a precipice-daring for the fall.
Other times love shouts a hello in our chaos;
drowning our gray stories painted on the canvas of shame
and hanged in the hall of dirt for all to behold.
rarely, love will show up clad in glamour-
Floating like tiny white feathers,
with open arms,
calm scents and tender words
that steal our hearts, and steel them to a halt.

But of friendships:
Some show up disguised as angels of death,
brandishing swords and tongues of fire and brimstone.
They slash through the marrow of our cares and scars-
scaring the bits of self chains,
totems of “I can’t” and “…not good enough”
Then goes on to set our souls ablaze
baptizing us in the of zeal, of freedom, and power to be,
then, tattoos magic smiles on our foreheads-
for all to see the blessedness of lives.

Hallowed be friendship:
Friendship that scales heights love knows not:
scaling heights not as a duty but a push to be-
to sync in the vibe of our oneness

Friendship that is unhinged, a free bird

Hail friendship:
Friendship that thrives in our cosmos connectedness,
Friendships without masks: naked and stripped to the bone-
without price tags of class but value of the soul;
without signposts of “impossible” or “No Thruway”
BUT an open sea of possibilities:
of dreams coming true,
of living the dream,
of surviving the high tides,
of rocking in the waves,
of enjoying the slack tide,
of mastering the vibration of the wind,
of nature and constellations,
of staying afloat,
of being safe in this boat we call our skin-
a kin the din and ruckus
of phobias, religion, conspiracies and greed.

Blessed are friendships that are open seas,
held by nothing but hope of sunny days
beautiful shores and the beauty of now:
For they thrive on the rocks of life,
shine through the silver sheets of doom,
laugh in the rain
love in the storm
survive the ordeals of the shifting goalposts
and appreciates that time is a slut-
in that it screws everyone at some point in life.


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