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By on July 26, 2016

this one

A walk on beaten paths, wading through
bushes of uncombed thoughts,
tongue on the cheek,
rolling eyes from the camera flashes
and flashes of stale memories
screaming shades of neon,
glamour of decomposing trash
of the moral fabric;
like they said-lost souls.

But are we really lost?

Talk of toiling fallow lands
Stretches and stretches of meadows
Praying for stoned minds,
Oblivious of the spoils waiting
and pestilences flying in nightly dreams,
wetness of luring tongues
and fake embraces

At the onset,
Everything was so clear
That we were waging the grand campaign,
Of Good versus Evil;
No middle grounds,
No what ifs,
Just clear lines and definite goalposts,

But these days, hehehe
Black and white has dissolved into
shades of gray…
The fairy tale of everyone feeling
they are heroes and heroines in their own stories,
is nothing but a reflection in a dark mirror
There are no villains, no heroes, or heroines,
Just people, human souls,
Trying to do the best they can,
Trying to marry the reflection
In the mirror and their true self

How about we wage a grand crusade,
Hit the streets with horns, and whips,
Not to preach truth-Not that it doesn’t matter anymore
But to preach common sense, and good manners,
That we are a race called humans and the earth is our only home


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