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By on June 27, 2017

Crowns are meant for royalty-
not for dogs and swines,
Crowns speak the language of loyalty-
not gibberish utterances and obscenity,
Crowns demand contrition-
bowing down to the deity
and drinking from the chalices of mystery

Lay prostrate before crowns,
YE mortal man-
immerse yourself in the memories of pharaohs,
the teachings of the scribes,
and the written scripts.
Recite your history-
your poetry and philosophy.
Learn of the curves of life,
the downs, the sorrows
the mettle of the pioneers,
learn of how castles of paper mache were brought down,
how words built obelisks-
the stories of ancient towns and their kings

Then shall you be worthy to sit
on that judgment seat-
to watch the movements of their lips,
and the sounds of their lies,
the silent whispers of self-destruction
as words of vanity awaken their folly.

Then shall you be worthy to listen
to the tongues of their truth
and their breath of fire and brimstone-
their language of now and forever,

The grand dance of the clowns of our times.


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