Erik Mutei

Love and Beauty poetry

Rainy Days

By on September 21, 2016

The sky is drab
A shade of ashes:
dotted with speckles of black-
a weary shade of dark,
inter-twined with dying threads…

Musings poetry


By on July 26, 2016

A walk on beaten paths, wading through
bushes of uncombed thoughts,
tongue on the cheek,
rolling eyes from the camera flashes
and flashes of stale memories
screaming shades of neon,
glamour of decomposing trash
of the…

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By on July 13, 2016

Let’s dance with the ghosts of yesterday,
Precipitation of our…

Love and Beauty Men and Women poetry

Open Seas

By on June 22, 2016

We find love in the oddest of places.
At times…

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Why should I?

By on May 17, 2016

So many whys than how(s)

They said this paper is my ticket,
My ticket from poverty,
A hallway to victory;
An expressway to Canaan-
the land of manna, flowing with milk and honey

They say…